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Ongoing project

It is particularly common for Chinese to keep their child’s time quilt, which are usually hand made by their parents or grandparents, till adulthood.

The subjects unfold their child’s time quilt to the camera. By looking into an adult holding their childhood quilt, I aim to create a contrasting feeling between the adulthood and childhood that inspires viewers to unfold their thoughts and imagination about growing up and components of one’s personality, and initiate conversations with their past.

The size, material, pattern, personal marks, stains and traces of the quilt all represent the past of an individual. The quilt has become a natural container of memories and personal histories, that is something worth recording and preserving. Especially when we live in a world all personal traces will eventually vanish and be concealed by the “headlines”.

The project also serves me as a vehicle that takes me to the worlds and stories that I would otherwise have no access. Since 2018.



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